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Microcurrent, LED and Ultrasonic Therapy


MIcrocurrent, LED and Ultrasonic Therapy. 3 hours. 3 CEU’s. $350. This class will help you understand the theory behind and the advantages of working with these modalities.Ms Kelly is a licensed massage therapist and Esthetics instructor and has worked for a Plastic Surgeon, and has worked in an advanced Spa. Ms Diana has over 10 years teaching in the field, is certified in PCA peels, massage and studied oncology for skin, and works and trains with these machines, on a daily basis  You will feel confident to add these therapies to your menu after taking this class.

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  • Review of skin anatomy and physiology
  • Theory of microcurrent, LED and Ultrasonic machines
  • Muscle anatomy and contraindications
  • Treatment protocol and usage
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Demonstration of facial integrating techniques

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